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Rise Up  

It's a new day.. full of promise.. full of possibilities. It can be anything you want it to be. The skies the limit! Actually, your mind is the limit. If you get bogged down in negatives and hopelessness you can't get anywhere. You've just eliminated all of those possibilities. We can rise up to the occasion. We can all do better, be better and when we are, we can help others do better and be better. Let's face it, we are all in this together. When we do better, the world around us does better. The people around us do better, feel better, live better and love a whole lot more. It just takes one ripple to start the wave.... Let's do it.. together! We'll start here by listening to some uplifting, soul stirring music by Frank Graham, Brian Smalley, Lucky Mud, Eric Taylor, Grant Peeples, Melissa Carper and The Myriad. I can feel the waves rising up, can't you? 

Reaching out a hand, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

Attitude Adjustment  

Are you feeling low, left out, depressed? Do you ever feel like you just don't fit or you don't have a real place in your community, family or society? You're probably in need of an attitude adjustment! I mean.... really!! You're likely placing yourself in that position, without even realizing it. No one really wants to be on the outside, feeling like a fur coat on a 100 degree day. But if you take a hard look at yourself and your actions, you are, more than likely, letting your own self doubt, your self pity create barriers in your acceptance by others. Mike always says, "attitude is like a flat tire. You won't get anywhere until you change it"... ain't that the truth!! Or maybe I'm flat wrong... maybe you are the victim of society... or a scapegoat. I don't pretend to know. I just think "try it and see.. what could it hurt?" .... if it doesn't work, you can just go back to being alone and depressed with no one to love or spend time with.... hmmm .. any whooo... these artists will give you a new perspective on life ... listen to Rebekah Pulley, The Sarah Mac Band, Tom Kimmel, The Reckless Saints, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Mike Jurgensen and Alicia McGovern ... their music may just change your life or, like a flat tire, a new outlook or attitude! What could it hurt?

Ever Changing attitudinally, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Devil got the Blues  

Is it possible if you're a God or a Devil to have the blues. Maybe being "all powerful" isn't all it's cracked up to be. I've never seen more unhappy people than those who say they have everything, and more, than they've ever wanted. Money, power, fame... doesn't really mean a thing if you're a miserable person. It just doesn't! I know... you're thinking, "I'd like to see for myself"... don't take my word for it. Just look at them! The divorce rate is phenomenal. The suicide rate is deadly. Their kids are a mess .... for the most part, anyway! If you are an unhappy, unfulfilled person, money won't fix that! It just won't.... Not that poverty is all that great either but, you know, it sure makes people around you a lot more honest. Nothing is more honest than great music! Songs are philosophical jewels that relate a meaning. One song may mean the world to someone and nothing to another. Listen to these artists and see if you find your meaning in songs by Frank Lindamood, Beaucoup Blue, Ruth Wyand, Bradford Loomis, Achilles Wheel, Mean Mary, The Currys and Panama Red. I'll just bet you will.

Unblue every day, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

Beautiful Games  

Life is a game! Maybe a series of games that take you unexpected places. Things you were never prepared for or counted on. Life is like playing a game when you don't know the rules. You just make them up as you go. I mean, we have the basic rules, like the 10 commandments (which, by the way, every society, every culture has its own "10 commandments") but not the precise rules that tell you the ins and outs of the game. There are no real winners and losers. It's just that some people have a clearer vision of the game they're playing and perhaps a better understanding of the outcome they're looking for. I, for one, don't have a clue but I love playing. I'm just bouncing around like a pinball, laughing (most of the time) when I hit an obstacle and then bouncing over to another wall or tunnel. It's always an adventure out here in Mudville. These artists may have a better grasp on their particular game than I do, or maybe you so let's give a listen to Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Michael R.J.Roth, Rachel Grubb, Dana Cooper, The Rough & Tumble, Wyatt Espalin, Lucky Mud and Dave Griffin and see what their game is and if we want to play it with them.

Rollin the dice, Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud (the luckiest Mud on earth)

Time for Love  

Stop the hate! We don't have time for meaness and bitterness. It's time for love! Love can fix anything. If you have the blues, love can fix it. If you have a broken heart, love can fix it. If you're in despair, love can fix it. Love is the end all... be all... it is the answer to every question and ill in the world. You just have to open your heart and your mind and let love in. These songs can help guide you to all of the goodness and love in the world. I equate music with love. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Tom Kimmel, Sarah Mac Band, Bill Scorzari, Al Scortino, Buddy Mondlock, The New 76ers and Pierce Pettis share these songs of love and loss and everything in between. Open your heart and let love in and then share the love with these artists..... and your friends... and tell them how you feel. 

Always in love, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

All the Signs  

Relationships can be confusing. Are they being honest with us? Are they true friends? What's their motivation for staying close to me? If you think you're alone in this, you are so mistaken! All of us have those questions, doubts, at some point in our lives. Watch the signs! All of the signs. They are certainly there. We just choose to ignore them... a lot of the time! After all, aren't we nice people. Fun to be around. Sincere in our relationships. Not all people are so simple. Don't reflect your sincerity in other people. Let them tell you who they are .... and then, believe them. Not with their words. Those slip easily off of the tongue. Watch what they do. How they treat others. Evaluate their honesty with others. Watch those signs and you'll certainly figure out who is true... and who is not! These artists will tell you with their songs! Give a listen and see if you can catch the signs of artistry and truth by Lucky Mud, Buddy Mondlock, Nikki Talley, Sally Spring, Michael R.J. Roth, Passerine, The Reckless Saints and Achilles Wheel. I'll bet you can.

Honestly yours, in music ... Maggie & Mike   Lucky Mud 

Deep Grace  

How do you process your emotions? Do you feel things deeply or do you just ride the crest of them and never dive into the depths? Sometimes we use our lack of deep emotion as a defense mechanism. That way we can't get hurt... right... so, so wrong. When we allow our feelings to dive deep and then resurface we are giving them the full force they need to cleanse our soul of that pain, that hurt, the love, the anger or desire. That doesn't mean that we take our hurt feelings out on others or ourselves. it just means that if you are feeling deeply about something, you have to allow yourself that moment to process... and then move on. That's grace! That's loving yourself enough to care deeply then continue on your way, without regret. Regrets are killers. They are unresolved emotions. Go ahead... dive deep... resurface and live free. These artists and their music just might help. Listen to Melissa Carper, Lis & Lon Williamson, Tom Kimmel, Dana Cooper, Brian Smalley, The Currys and The Reckless Saints for just a little advice, or just some peace. 

Living the dream, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Sound & Fury  

Are you ever afraid? That deep shudder in your soul, where you feel like someone else has taken over your body and you don't know where you are. It certainly brings you up short and makes you rethink, well... everything! There are times when that moment changes your life. If that's happened to you, think of it as a gift. Without that momentary fear, you might have done something stupid or reckless. It may have saved your life! Life lessons are jewels. They may seem rough and unexemplary but over time they take on a life of their own and may become a guidepost .. not to mention a great story to tell your friends .... or not! Think of these artists and their songs as life lessons, cautionary tales or just a reminder that we all hurt. We all have fears and traumas but we survive them... most of the time! Sarah Mac, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Ruth Wyand, Bradford Loomis, Frank Lindamood, Michael R.J. Roth, Rebekah Pulley and Lucky Mud may just be tryin to tell you something by way of a lyric, a song or a melody. Hope you are tuned in and get the message. 

Love, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

Verging on Madness  

The world has gone mad.... is going mad... maybe has always been mad.... but it's really bad right now. Do you feel the change in the air. The winds shifting. A new breakthrough of humanity. I hope so. I think we need a little peace and a whole lotta music. Really good music. Things that lift our spirit and make us want to be better human beings. A little light in the world. I'm ready for it. The change of the tide and the lift of the hull that sets us on a new adventure. Come away with Fellow Pynins, Del Suggs, Shelita Burke, Wyatt Espalin, Melissa Carper, The Resonant Rogues, Frank Graham and the New 76ers and let them lift you up and we'll float for a little while in the magic stream of beautiful music.... for a little while... 30 minutes of bliss. Let these artists know how you feel about their music. We all need encouragement to keep on keeping on.... 

Hope you feel the love, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Flying Blues  

I've caught myself flying blind and wondered what the hell I was thinking, but maybe that's the point ..... I wasn't thinking. I was just letting the moment take me away and going with it. Like the wind suddenly catching the hem of your dress and blowing up over your waist. Nothing to be done. It's already happened and you just hope you have on pretty underwear and onlookers weren't too shocked. Sadness and tears are kind of like that feeling. Suddenly overwhelming and powerful and there's nothing to be done in that moment but go with it. It just happens. The blues can be overwhelming but if you let them run their course, most times you feel better when they've gone. It's a risk..... but isn't that life? Isn't it all one big chance? Take a chance with Mare Wakefield & Nomad, Frank Julian, Al Scortino, Ruth Wyand, The Strangled Darlings, Beaucoup Blue, Dana Cooper and Buddy Mondlock. Just let yourself fly with the wind over the strains of these beautiful songs and live in the moment. 

Blindly floating along, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

PS... check out these artists on their individual websites and online presences if you like their music!

Starry Dreams  

Dreams are so important. Daylight dreams for your life and the things you want to do, the person you want to grow into or the life you hope to have, are essential to living a full life. Those dreams may change with your age, or circumstances or with your inner development but you have to have dreams. Nighttime dreams are different. The stuff that feeds your fantasies. The stuff that your brain needs to sort out and analyze. The things that you dream under the starry night sky are your soul realities. I love dreams that don't make any sense, or at least we don't think make sense. Those are the ones that are trying to tell you something about yourself, your soul. Those dreams are sometimes more important than the others because they can tell you who you really are, not what you plan or hope to be. Sit back and dream with Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Sarah Mac Band, The Winterlings, Bradford Loomis, Lis & Lon Williamson, Lucky Mud, Michael R. J. Roth, Panama Red and Rebekah Pulley for a short 30 minute ride through the Starry Dream cycle and maybe you'll learn something about these artists .... or yourself. Take a chance!

In your dreams, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 


Liquid Highways  

There's nothing like sitting beside the Gulf or Ocean to make you feel small. Not in a bad way, small ..but in the "world is so vast and infinite" and I'm a speck, a piece of dust, part of the infinite piece that makes up this world, kinda small. Sometimes we think we're so powerful, we think the world revolves around us. It's easy to feel that every little mistake is a disaster and our world will fall apart because of it. But it's just not true. The world is made up of millions of us...  all living and dying and making mistakes and doing wonderful things. The breath from every human being all breathing together could create a hurricane. That's the force of life. We make giant changes when we all work together. Sit back for just 30 minutes and allow yourself to be a small part of the world through music. Brian Smalley, Frank Graham, Lucky Mud, Pierce Pettis, Melissa Carper, The Rough & Tumble, Wyatt Espalin and Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald and you make up this musical world together.

Peace & Love, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

Life Partners  

I married my best friend. We didn't have a plan and we had no idea what we were doing. We just did it! Sometimes not having a plan works..... sometimes it doesn't. Do all of the plans you make work exactly like you planned them or do your plans frequently fall apart because of serendipity? Fate and chance are funny things. I think that you make your own chances and that fate can trip you up .... or it can help you out. You have to trust your instincts and believe in yourself, and your partner, and take that leap of faith. These artists have taken that leap and created a place for themselves and their art. We're sharing music by John French, Tom Kimmel, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Mimi Hearn, Passerine, Eric Taylor and Achilles Wheel on this show. Give a listen and let us, and them, know what you think.

From the top of the cliff, Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 

Life Lessons  

Don't poke a bear! I mean it.... it could get ugly! That's a real life lesson along with, stay off the track off Hattie's Shack, don't park on the railroad tracks or don't pull a pigs tail. I know you know all of these things but do you strictly adhere to these life lessons? I know I do! I may break some others but those I pay attention to. Is it okay to pick up stray polecats or pet a Rhinoceros or sleep with a snake? Maybe that last one is a little more common than we know...... but I digress! 

These artists, The Buffalo Gals, Mean Mary, Grant Peeples, The Currys, Ellen Bukstel, Ken Gaines, Barbara Paul and The Reckless Saints have some life lessons wrapped up in their songs. Make sure you listen closely and pay attention. They could save your life!

Here's to schooling.... Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud

Fire in the Blood   

What are you passionate about? Music, art, a person, place or thing? Maybe its the burning issue of the moment. The gypsies show passion through their music and dance. It's awe inspiring and makes me breathless sometimes. Do you have an outlet for that fire in your blood? I watch a beautiful horse move over a rolling plain and I think that there's nothing more lovely. Watch a dancer move, a baby laugh or someone doing something honorable and kind and tears come to my eyes. I get choked up. That's how I honestly feel about great music and this show has that quality. Rachel Grubb, Beaucoup Blue, Ruth Wyand, Lucky Mud, Matthew Kenneth Fowler, Sam Robbins, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Rebekah Pulley and Dave Griffin provide the music and help you feel that fire in your blood. 

Feelin' the burn.... Maggie & Mike.    Lucky Mud 

Young Love   

When we're young, love seems so volatile. We get crazy over a boy/girl/issue and it takes over our lives. It makes life edgy and a little wild. Or maybe that's just me. Could be. I know everything seemed SO important when I was young. So big and life changing. I was certain I would save the world. As I get older, I realize that this old world has been around a long time and, like the Gulf of Mexico, there are tides that ebb and flow and patterns that evolve. Some things change quickly. In the blink of an eye. But some things change so slowly that we never really appreciate that there is truly change happening. I believe that the real changes in this world come from inside. Inside each of us there is an evolution of thought, of care of real humanity and real love. There is real love in the music of The New 76ers, Nikki Talley, Pierce Pettis, Michael J. R. Roth, Mike Jurgensen, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Rachel Grubb and The Resonant Rogues. I hope you feel it. 

Here's to old love too .... Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 

Different Strokes  

Being different isn't a bad thing! As a matter of fact, many of those "different people" have changed the world. Looking at the world through a different lens sometimes makes the colors brighter or sharpens the images or simply gives you a alternate perspective! The world would be mighty bland if we were all alike. Innovations and the innovators have helped make the world a better place. Appreciating all of the colors, differences of culture, differences of opinion, languages, art and geography around the globe and even in our back yard makes for a better society. A society that celebrates our diversity and refuses the attempt to assimilate every individual into oneness is healthier and more humane. The music in this show "Different Strokes" is certainly not ordinary. Let Matthew Cochran, Rebekah Pulley, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Elaine Mahon, Del Suggs, Alicia McGovern, The Buffalo Gals and Al Scortino show you the wonderful differences in their music that keep us all humming or dancing along.  

See you on the dance floor..... or not... Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 


Do you long for a place to call home or are you already there? Is there a special place where you feel loved, where you feel warm and safe? The heart knows what it needs to feel "at home" with another person or furry friend or even alone. We all have a longing to be there.... wherever that is ... that special place that makes us feel at home. These artists have the power to take you there. Maybe for just a few minutes or maybe they will give you a permanent sense of place. Either way, let's take a short ride together through this beautiful music and maybe, just maybe, you'll get "there". Our artists on this ride will be Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Melissa Carper, The Rightly So, Ruth Wyand, Sarah Mac, Tom Kimmel, Wyatt Espalin and Lucky Mud.

Bon Voyage!! Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud 


Strength in Change  

Are you set in your ways? Absolutely certain that you are on the right path. Undeterrable, immutable, unwaveringly determined. Maybe that's good. Maybe! But maybe, I say MAYBE, we need to step back from that certainty and with clear eyes, assess where we are and what lies ahead. All too often, we get jarred off course, a new path opens and suddenly it makes a whole lot of sense to follow it into a brand new beginning. Forced into changing something that you never even considered for one moment. New paths can be scary but sometimes, scary good. Keep your options open and don't get bogged down in surety. There are so many options, so many paths and so much life! These songs will reflect some changes, some constancies and always original music by unique artists with one major thing in common... they are excellent singer/songwriters and musicians! Listen Eric Taylor, The Buffalo Gals, Lucky Mud, Frank Graham, Mean Mary, Elaine Mahon, Del Suggs and The Resonant Rogues for some attitude adjustments and stories to give you some perspective. Then let them all know what you think of their music.....

Variably Yours, Maggie & Mike      Lucky Mud


Opportunity sometimes presents itself in unique ways. We're all guilty of overlooking or ignoring potential possibilities .... okay... maybe I should just be speaking for myself but I like to think I'm not alone in missing some chances. It's really a matter of paying attention and trusting your gut instincts. I like to believe that I'm pretty aware but I know that I'm sometimes oblivious .... If we payed a little more attention to the world around us we might be a little more in tune with the environment, with our friends and partners, our community. Maybe these artists can offer a few clues through their songs included on this show. Artists like The Winterlings, The Currys, The Rough and Tumble (that's a lot of The' Ellen Bukstel, Friction Farm, Grant Peeples, Michael J. Roth and Nikki Talley don't always have the answers but sometimes you just need to know the right question. 

Always, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Firehorses & Cowboy Moons  

Where does the inspiration for a song come from? Are we just trying to explain something to ourselves... or others?Is there something in us that drives us to express some unspoken passion ... or trauma.. or are we just story tellers with a gift of gab/music/drama? Drama, conflict, desire, historical reference or just a question or curiosity. These things are the stuff of dreams, of songs and books. We all have a story to tell.  Some people like Scott Dalziel, Brian Smalley, Dana Cooper, Larry Mangum, Rebekah Pulley, Bradford Loomis, Matthew Kenneth Fowler and Pierce Pettis are just really great at telling these stories. Maybe they are their stories but maybe they're ours as well. Maybe thats why a particular song means something more to us than others. Who knows? We are all so interconnected that maybe we all have the same story. You figure it out..... I'm tired! But that's a story for another day! I just want to listen to some great music here and relax.... hope you do the same!! 

Every picture tells a story.... don't it?? 

Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

The Nature of Love  

Are you in love? Have you ever been in love or think you're in love? What does love really mean? Is it the deep burning desire that shakes you awake in the middle of the night or makes your heart flip flop at the sight of your intense interest? I have known, and still know, great love. It is the tiger that protects your heart and lets you know that you are safe. That no matter what you do, you will still be loved and cared for. To know great love, you have to give great love! You have to burn with the protective glare that no one can look into. A light so bright it keeps all darkness at bay. No lie can live there.  That's not to say that you never have grievance with your beloved. Sometimes the heat from the disagreement seems like it will turn you to ash but it's that exact fire that saves you and creates the Phoenix. It is inevitable.... and that's what makes a good song. The conflict of love, of pride, of independence and self respect. Love isn't easy ..... but it is everything. Just ask Melissa Carper, Michael J. Roth, Rachel Grubb, The Resonant Rogues, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Ruth Wyand, Lucky Mud and Frank Graham .... (especially Lucky Mud) about love! They have a lot to say and sing about and I hope you listen and let them know you love what they do.

Big Love, Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 

Dark Arts  

Do you love to paint or draw, dance or sing, play music or write songs? All of those are considered arts but what about the art of love, of kindness, of being a true friend. Those are the arts that transcend the physical. Can you have true art without these essential qualities. There is a soulless darkness that some people possess. The technique of "artistry" can be exemplary but if it lacks the depth of love, kindness and loyalty it's a dead art. No soul ... no true art! I have witnessed many performances that left me cold. No emotion, no heart, nothing that shook me or made me laugh or cry! I cannot separate my heart from the music and I'm suspicious of those who can. These artists all have the ability to wind their souls into their songs. The Buffalo Gals, Reckless Saints, Resonant Rogues, Rough and Tumble, Tom Kimmel, Alicia McGovern, Scott Jackson, Ken Gaines and Lucky Mud make you feel their music. At least, for me. Let them know if you feel the same.....

Soulfully, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Heavenly Homeless Angels  

What makes a person homeless? Is it the lack of a physical structure or a solid dwelling place? Maybe it's the loss of purpose or sense of belonging. Maybe the homelessness isn't always physical but emotional. I know people who are perfectly happy to not have a physical structure to maintain. They have a place and a sense of belonging that doesn't apply to a house, per se, but to a community of people who are like minded. Maybe we put too much emphasis on "ownership" of stuff, of placement. Who knows! I only know that people make me happy much more than stuff!

These songwriters know a little about that and they'll tell you how they feel, if you'll just listen....Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Tom Kimmel, John French, Ruth Wyand, Elaine Mahon, Lucky Mud, Michael J. Roth and Ellen Bukstel all share their opinions on this radio show! Tell them how you feel about their "truth" by visiting their individual online presences... they may be homeless .....(or not) ....but they all have websites!

Always in truth, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 


Earthly Home  

Where do you feel most comfortable? Some will say, at home. I love to drive. I also love to travel to other countries and see the world. I even have thoughts of living in foreign places and being a vagabond, with little, to no possessions (is that possible?).... but just like Dorothy, I feel that inner voice saying "there's no place like home". Not that I want to live in Kansas. It's beautiful but a little "plainey" for me. But, again, that's me. When someone says "home is where the heart is" I honestly feel that way (I know its a little corny, kinda like Kansas, and overused but I feel that way).... It's your best friend (friends). Your favorite spot under a tree to look up at the sky and contemplate the world without all the craziness that the human world is right now. Your own particular breathing room and comfort zone. Your favorite old, faded sweat pants or shorts and tee shirt. Nobody cares what you look like or the cheesy book or tv series you like. You ain't got no 'splainin to do... to no one or nothing. It's Home!! These songwriters will take you there .... or not... but take the chance and see what they have to offer. Buffalo Gals, Al Scortino, Frank Graham, Ken Gaines, Lucky Mud, Rachel Grubb and Scott Jackson all have their own opinions on these things. Check them out online or on their individual web presences. 

From our home to yours, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud