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Animal Crackers  

I love Animal Crackers in my soup.... they were always a favorite thing growing up. Maybe they still are. Maybe we still haven't ..... grown up that is. When you love your life and there's not a whole lot of things you would change about it, does that mean you are or you aren't grown up. Either way, the journey is the joy and the destination ends at a terminal.... get it... it's the terminus, the end, kaput, that's all she wrote.... you know... So I'll just keep on traveling down the road avoiding the terminal and loving life and I hope you do too! These artists have all written songs about the journey.... from the other side, to some certain and some uncertain destinations. Some with traveling companions, some alone but it's all about our journeys.... Passerine, The New 76ers, Pierce Pettis, Eric Taylor, Elaine Mahon, Friction Farm, Dana Cooper and The Rough & Tumble will take you places in royal style on our show called "Animal Crackers".... Dogs and monkeys and Chevy's ... oh my!!

Remember to check out these musicians and their many other incredible songs if you like the sample you hear today!!

Big Love, Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud