Rainbow Promises 

Are rainbows really proof of anything except the magic of light, prisms and reflection? In Ireland you'll see multiple rainbows on endless days of mist and rain and sun. The promise is really simple! There is life. There will always be life as long as there are rainbows and the earth exists. What more do you really need? Take your life and create color and beauty and hope. Live fully and richly with no promise of tomorrow and no regrets about the past. Make it beautiful, like a rainbow and glory in the diversity of the light spectrum. We are all one, under the rainbow, below the sun! Each of our artists today are proof that there is love and light and laughter in music, in the world. Ruth Wyand, Beaucoup Blue, Eric Taylor, Frank Graham, Corey Hall, Grant Peeples, Rachel Grubb and Rebekah Pulley are some of the richest people I know because they share their souls, through their music. They each have an online presence and make beautiful music. 

Happliy Under the Rainbow, Maggie & Mike      Lucky Mud 

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