From the recording Karmageddon

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Saturday night cockfight
Chicken wire and tin
Daddy brought the family
And he parked beside the kinfolk
Oyster shell parkin' lot
Louisiana swamp
Lily hold the baby
While we put some money up
So Lily takes the baby
And she goes to Charley's side
Saturday night cockfight
Louisiana night

Two cocks in the cage
Whirling bloody spurs
Mama orders chicken dinners
Extra slaw with hers
Sister wants a Doctor Pepper
Daddy wants a beer
Black rooster goes down
Everybody cheers
Lily squeezes Charley
And they take a walk outside
Saturday night cockfight
Another rooster died

Then Daddy wins twenty dollars
Has another drink
Mama gets the kids
And heads off to the roller rink
Later on she sits with Daddy
In a folding chair
He kisses all her fingers
And he smells her braided hair