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Animal Crackers  

I love Animal Crackers in my soup.... they were always a favorite thing growing up. Maybe they still are. Maybe we still haven't ..... grown up that is. When you love your life and there's not a whole lot of things you would change about it, does that mean you are or you aren't grown up. Either way, the journey is the joy and the destination ends at a terminal.... get it... it's the terminus, the end, kaput, that's all she wrote.... you know... So I'll just keep on traveling down the road avoiding the terminal and loving life and I hope you do too! These artists have all written songs about the journey.... from the other side, to some certain and some uncertain destinations. Some with traveling companions, some alone but it's all about our journeys.... Passerine, The New 76ers, Pierce Pettis, Eric Taylor, Elaine Mahon, Friction Farm, Dana Cooper and The Rough & Tumble will take you places in royal style on our show called "Animal Crackers".... Dogs and monkeys and Chevy's ... oh my!!

Remember to check out these musicians and their many other incredible songs if you like the sample you hear today!!

Big Love, Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 

Itch to Travel  

When you get the bug... you feel it in every fibre of your being. That urge to see someplace new. That feeling that there's something out there waiting for you. That Itch to Travel. Maybe it doesn't move you the way it does some of us and maybe you don't feel the irrepressible urge for change ... perhaps you just feel a little itchy footed. Searching for sunshine, riding a train, spending time, going to California or adding new flavors to the ordinary bread and salt spices you normally use. It's all here in song and story. Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Mean Mary, Eric Taylor, Wyatt Espalin, Tom Kimmel, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald and Sarah Mac will take that journey away from Diamondbacks and Shoeshine Boys, take the Time to take you on a journey. Just lie back and enjoy the trip. Bring a few friends along.... like maybe a Good Actress to share the romp. 

Savor the flavor of good music.... as always, Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud 

Small Town Dreams  

Small town living doesn't only occur in small towns. It's in the heart and the way you treat others. It's the way you feel about your life and those in your life. Kindness and empathy don't just happen in small towns but that's where they grew up and that's where they were nurtured. You can run away from a small town but you carry that with you wherever you are and whomever you're with. It's not all sunshine and roses and all people in small towns aren't good but it's a little easier to distinguish the bad actors from the good..... unless you're watching a play in New York. Sometimes the worst actors get the best parts .... oops .. I digress. These songs (and songwriters) are about hearts and sadness and love and just carrying on... Songs by Passerine, Lucky Mud, Nikki Talley, Al Scortino, Lauren Heintz, Larry Mangum, Pierce Pettis and Sarah Mac Band. Life is what you make of it.... Welcome to our small town and the awesome musicians who inhabit it. "Look 'em in the eye and tell 'em how you feel.......

We love them... and you!  Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud 

Dancing Hearts  

There is great beauty in the world amidst great sadness for all of the environmental and emotional challenges we face daily. We can throw our hands (and hearts) up and give in or we can keep the faith, baby, and strive to make our world, the world, a better place for us to live and love and share our dreams. "We are the sum total of every decision we have made......" and our world that surrounds us reflects those choices, both good and bad. These artists are pointed in their songs of love and hope and earthly delights or environmental disasters.... No matter what ... we haver to keep our hearts dancing and our eyes focused on hope! Heed the advice of Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, The New 76ers, Mike Jurgensen, Rebekah Pulley, Beaucoup Blue, Wyatt Espalin, Bradford Loomis and Grant Peeples. They may or may not be experts at all of these issues but they sure know how to write and sing about them. 

Each artist we play weekly has an online presence and CDs for sale. Give them a shout and let them know you heard their music on Americana Cafe Sundays Radio Show. 

Love, Maggie & Mike   Lucky Mud 

Change of Nature  

From moons to Islands to tides in the seas, change is inevitable. Its painful but inevitable. If you can learn to roll with the punches you'll make it through life without too many bruises but it still hurts sometimes. You'll be okay and these songs may help. Rebekah Pulley, Ken Gaines, Eric Taylor, The Rough and Tumble, Buddy Mondlock, Ellen Bukstel, Bill Scorzari and Dana Cooper will be your gurus for the next 30 minutes through the melee that encompasses your lives, and obviously theirs. Let's take that little kick in the butt journey together. it doesn't mean it isn't painful but it sure helps to have a little company to share those changes with. Step into the change and let's hurt a little together. 

Advice (No Consent)  

When you ask for advice from a friend, relative or even a perfect stranger, it doesn't mean you have to TAKE it! I mean, you just asked. So for all the advice out there, it takes consent to actually take it. Some of these songs offer advice and others are just observations. You are never required to take advice from these artists..... I would venture to say... you probably shouldn't take advice from musicians, especially about finances or money, but sometimes, just sometimes they can say profound things that change your life. You decide ..... we offer no guarantees! Consent at your own risk..... but do give these artists a listen. You could pick up a life lesson..... or not! Featuring Lucky Mud (Steve Fisher;songwriter), The New 76ers, Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield, Rebekah Pulley, Pierce Pettis, Achilles Wheel & Beaucoup Blue. 

This is another stellar show and a joy to produce for your listening pleasure. Please check these artists out on their websites or other online presences. If you like what you hear, buy a CD or listen with your favorite streaming service, or better yet, if they're in a town nearby, go to a live concert. 

Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 


For some people life is a little more complicated than for others..... or so it seems. All those people who seem to float through life .... savoir faire..... the easiness to breeze along. But maybe it's the story of the swan, who seems so beautifully serene... drifting along on top of the water... while paddling like crazy to keep going. When we compare our insides to others outsides.... you know..those who seem to get by effortlessly... we're making a mistake. Because most people are really struggling along like the rest of us. They just don't let it show. That's why the lyrics in songs, and songwriters themselves, are so important. It clues us into the fact that we're all paddling along the river of life just as hard as everyone else. We aren't all that different. Listen to these songs by Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Pierce Pettis, Beaucoup Blue, Friction Farm, Buddy Mondlock, Alicia McGovern, Tom Kimmel and Sally Spring & Ted Lyons and you'll understand .... it's the human dilemma... the heart can be a fickle thing and so can life. We're all in this together! Enjoy..... and, as always, leave a comment... if you're so inclined.

Out of the Ashes  

Ashes don't burn but broken hearts and broken promises do. No one ever gets out of this life completely without at least a little singe but some of us go down in flames..... its each persons story... each persons weight to bear. Sharing those heartaches is so healing and knowing that someone cares about your pain is such a relief. These artists have shared your sorrows and created songs that help explain how those aches feel. Thanks to Sally Spring and Ted Lyons, Dana Cooper, Frank Graham, Friction Farm, Matthew Kenneth Fowler, Michelle Ingrham, The New 76ers and Nikki Talley for giving us a respite with their beautiful songs. Wipe away those tears and settle down for a sweet 30 minute therapy session. 

Places & People  

Traveling to other places and meeting other people is always an adventure. These songs will take you to places and introduce you to new people and lift you up onto a higher plane with the music of Panama Red, The Rough & Tumble, Ian Dunlop, Rebekah Pulley, Tom Kimmel, Sarah Mac, 2PM and Lucky Mud. Jump on the train, put on a smile and leave the writing on the wall all the way to Ocheesee and beyond. We are all on the same train and we all need a hand sometimes. Reach down and pull a friend on board.... Peace!

Lucky in Love  

Do you feel Lucky... it doesn't need to be anything special, just every day Lucky! There is magic and luck and beauty all around you every day, every where. All you have to do is reach out and touch it. Take it in your hand and heart and acknowledge just how lucky you are. Luck is magic! These artists are some of the luckiest people in the world ... and better still.. they know it. They get to share their music and heart with you.... just reach out and take it in. Lucky Mud, Ron Johnson, Rebekah Pulley, Rachel Grubb, Achilles Wheel, The New 76ers, Wyatt Espalin and Bradford Loomis are all magic. You ARE Lucky..... Listen and share....