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Opportunity sometimes presents itself in unique ways. We're all guilty of overlooking or ignoring potential possibilities .... okay... maybe I should just be speaking for myself but I like to think I'm not alone in missing some chances. It's really a matter of paying attention and trusting your gut instincts. I like to believe that I'm pretty aware but I know that I'm sometimes oblivious .... If we payed a little more attention to the world around us we might be a little more in tune with the environment, with our friends and partners, our community. Maybe these artists can offer a few clues through their songs included on this show. Artists like The Winterlings, The Currys, The Rough and Tumble (that's a lot of The' Ellen Bukstel, Friction Farm, Grant Peeples, Michael J. Roth and Nikki Talley don't always have the answers but sometimes you just need to know the right question. 

Always, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Firehorses & Cowboy Moons  

Where does the inspiration for a song come from? Are we just trying to explain something to ourselves... or others?Is there something in us that drives us to express some unspoken passion ... or trauma.. or are we just story tellers with a gift of gab/music/drama? Drama, conflict, desire, historical reference or just a question or curiosity. These things are the stuff of dreams, of songs and books. We all have a story to tell.  Some people like Scott Dalziel, Brian Smalley, Dana Cooper, Larry Mangum, Rebekah Pulley, Bradford Loomis, Matthew Kenneth Fowler and Pierce Pettis are just really great at telling these stories. Maybe they are their stories but maybe they're ours as well. Maybe thats why a particular song means something more to us than others. Who knows? We are all so interconnected that maybe we all have the same story. You figure it out..... I'm tired! But that's a story for another day! I just want to listen to some great music here and relax.... hope you do the same!! 

Every picture tells a story.... don't it?? 

Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

The Nature of Love  

Are you in love? Have you ever been in love or think you're in love? What does love really mean? Is it the deep burning desire that shakes you awake in the middle of the night or makes your heart flip flop at the sight of your intense interest? I have known, and still know, great love. It is the tiger that protects your heart and lets you know that you are safe. That no matter what you do, you will still be loved and cared for. To know great love, you have to give great love! You have to burn with the protective glare that no one can look into. A light so bright it keeps all darkness at bay. No lie can live there.  That's not to say that you never have grievance with your beloved. Sometimes the heat from the disagreement seems like it will turn you to ash but it's that exact fire that saves you and creates the Phoenix. It is inevitable.... and that's what makes a good song. The conflict of love, of pride, of independence and self respect. Love isn't easy ..... but it is everything. Just ask Melissa Carper, Michael J. Roth, Rachel Grubb, The Resonant Rogues, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Ruth Wyand, Lucky Mud and Frank Graham .... (especially Lucky Mud) about love! They have a lot to say and sing about and I hope you listen and let them know you love what they do.

Big Love, Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 

Dark Arts  

Do you love to paint or draw, dance or sing, play music or write songs? All of those are considered arts but what about the art of love, of kindness, of being a true friend. Those are the arts that transcend the physical. Can you have true art without these essential qualities. There is a soulless darkness that some people possess. The technique of "artistry" can be exemplary but if it lacks the depth of love, kindness and loyalty it's a dead art. No soul ... no true art! I have witnessed many performances that left me cold. No emotion, no heart, nothing that shook me or made me laugh or cry! I cannot separate my heart from the music and I'm suspicious of those who can. These artists all have the ability to wind their souls into their songs. The Buffalo Gals, Reckless Saints, Resonant Rogues, Rough and Tumble, Tom Kimmel, Alicia McGovern, Scott Jackson, Ken Gaines and Lucky Mud make you feel their music. At least, for me. Let them know if you feel the same.....

Soulfully, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Heavenly Homeless Angels  

What makes a person homeless? Is it the lack of a physical structure or a solid dwelling place? Maybe it's the loss of purpose or sense of belonging. Maybe the homelessness isn't always physical but emotional. I know people who are perfectly happy to not have a physical structure to maintain. They have a place and a sense of belonging that doesn't apply to a house, per se, but to a community of people who are like minded. Maybe we put too much emphasis on "ownership" of stuff, of placement. Who knows! I only know that people make me happy much more than stuff!

These songwriters know a little about that and they'll tell you how they feel, if you'll just listen....Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Tom Kimmel, John French, Ruth Wyand, Elaine Mahon, Lucky Mud, Michael J. Roth and Ellen Bukstel all share their opinions on this radio show! Tell them how you feel about their "truth" by visiting their individual online presences... they may be homeless .....(or not) ....but they all have websites!

Always in truth, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 


Earthly Home  

Where do you feel most comfortable? Some will say, at home. I love to drive. I also love to travel to other countries and see the world. I even have thoughts of living in foreign places and being a vagabond, with little, to no possessions (is that possible?).... but just like Dorothy, I feel that inner voice saying "there's no place like home". Not that I want to live in Kansas. It's beautiful but a little "plainey" for me. But, again, that's me. When someone says "home is where the heart is" I honestly feel that way (I know its a little corny, kinda like Kansas, and overused but I feel that way).... It's your best friend (friends). Your favorite spot under a tree to look up at the sky and contemplate the world without all the craziness that the human world is right now. Your own particular breathing room and comfort zone. Your favorite old, faded sweat pants or shorts and tee shirt. Nobody cares what you look like or the cheesy book or tv series you like. You ain't got no 'splainin to do... to no one or nothing. It's Home!! These songwriters will take you there .... or not... but take the chance and see what they have to offer. Buffalo Gals, Al Scortino, Frank Graham, Ken Gaines, Lucky Mud, Rachel Grubb and Scott Jackson all have their own opinions on these things. Check them out online or on their individual web presences. 

From our home to yours, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 


Risky Behavior  

Are you always cautious? No..... I mean really cautious! Do you carefully consider every move you make. Weighing the consequences versus the pleasure. Approaching life cautiously and carefully. Or are you like some of us.... just throwing caution to the wind and taking life as it comes? There is a thrill to just running blindly through life and taking the bumps along with the slippery slopes to whatever consequence lies ahead. Maybe you're the carefully carefree kind. The one who kind of looks ahead, sees the bumps and proceeds anyway. There is no right or wrong to the way you take life. It just is.... and you just are! As long as you look at life as just another adventure, you'll be okay.... I think so anyway. These artists are the adventurous types.... or are they... you decide. Listen to Resonant Rogues, Rebekah Pulley, Reckless Saints (do you sense a theme in these names?), Dana Cooper, Ruth Wyand, Sarah Mac Band, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald and The Rough and Tumble (see, there it is again) and let us know what you think! I know you'll be impressed but what else? Hmmm....

Suggestively yours, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

Time to Fly  

Do you always know when its time to leave? Instinct? Sometimes we overstay our welcome and we don't even know it. There we are just lazin' around thinkin' all's right with the world when we start to get the "hairy eyeball", as they say in Ireland.....the fishy feeling' that something just isn't right. Yep! It's time to skedaddle .... Maybe life just doesn't have hard and fast rules. There are some! Like the 10 golden rules ... but the nuances are the things that make you look foolish. Those pesky little shades of gray or grey... see... it's all about perspective or where you were raised or who you were raised by or around. Maybe you're the kind who always knows what's what.... or maybe you just think you are. Different perspective..... Each of our songwriters in this show has one of those....different perspectives, I mean! Ask Wyatt Espalin, The Currys, Eric Taylor, Grant Peeples, Matthew Fowler, Lucky Mud, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald or The Rough & Tumble what they think.... or maybe they will tell you in one of the songs featured today. Or, maybe you should listen to more of their songs and get tuned into their inner thoughts and feelings. After all isn't that what you like about music? Or maybe that's just me..... Could be! 

Flyin' away now, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 


Holy Rollers  

The ethereal world is easy to ignore.... or is it? We drift from shiny new thing to shiny new thing but underneath that shininess there are always small, quiet voices whispering to us if we just stop long enough to let the dust settle and listen. You know that instinct to run.... the instinct to turn around and walk the other way or disbelieve what someone is telling you. You know! You know but you may choose to ignore that warning beeping in your head like the ever present back up beep in Sam's .... eek! That's the early warning system that's put in place to keep us safe. Or maybe I'm the only one hearing those voices ..... could be just me... I don't know but I will tell you they've kept me out of a lot of trouble.. so far. So have these incredible singer/songwriters & awesome musicians... Bradford Loomis, Bill Scorzari, The Fellow Pynins, Lucky Mud, Buffalo Gals, Larry Mangum, Pierce Pettis and Tom Kimmel... listen to them... they may just guide you into the ethereal and keep you safe! It's worth a try....

Stay safe out there, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud

Long Gone Love  

You know.... it really is all about love. I always hope that the driving force that keeps us kind, makes us have a great life, colors our decisions about all aspects of life and creates purpose is love. But that's just me ... or is it. Maybe we all want love so much that we'll do anything for it..... good and bad. When we don't have it, it makes us desperate to find it, hold onto it, afraid to share it or lose it ... so much that we choke it to death with our need..... or not....Love isn't always pretty and sweet but what would we do without it. I know that I don't want to try living without it. I don't think these artists, Rebekah Pulley, Tom Kimmel, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Sarah Mac, Roy Schneider (Reckless Saints), Melissa Carper, Lucky Mud and Cindy Bear want to live without love either... but you should listen to their songs and decide for yourself. 

Big Love,  Maggie & Mike.    Lucky Mud 

Broken World  

The world is not broken..... it may be a little bent ... okay.. a lot bent... but not broken. There is no such thing as a perfect world, a perfect life a perfect place but we have it within us to create a little perfection in our life. When we do that.. some of it leaks out into other peoples lives, into the world and for just that little bit of time, we have hope. We give hope to others. A smile, a kind word and little hug. It's all important. It creates a ripple in time and that ripple flows out and makes bigger ripples and people feel it and it changes the world... it really does. You may never know that you've done it but the change is real. As real as nature or God or happiness or the sun. As real as it gets. Or, you could just walk away and never be the change you hope to see. Your world, your choice, your happiness. Your future depends on you.... I choose love.... I hope you do too... and so do these artists. Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald, Nikki Talley, The Reckless Saints, Ellen Bukstel, The Strangled Darlings, The Rough and Tumble and Rebekah Pulley are all pulling for you to choose them and love and their music.

Peace and Love, Maggie & Mike.      Lucky Mud 

Bluebirds and River Dreams  

Are you amazed when the light shines through the trees and reveals a perfect blue sky and treetops filled with birds singing happily? The sounds of the river twinkling by and the pleasant dreams, while napping, spent on the banks. Love and light and healing happen when you let the sunshine in and feel the warmth of real love all around you! Happiness is a state of mind and the bliss that comes with peace and joy is eternal. Feel that through the songs of Tom Kimmel, Scott Jackson, Lucky Mud, Dana Cooper, Mean Mary, The New 76ers, The Rightly So and Passerine. Live the dream and follow your bliss.... or just sit back and watch everyone else get happy. It is a state of mind after all!!

Blissfully yours, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud


Are you a loyal person? Someone who stands up for what you believe and stands by those people and things you love? Most of us would answer, of course. But how far would you go to protect or defend what you care about. Sometimes we think we're committed to something..... until we're not! That's okay. Change is inevitable, painful... but inevitable. Not all change is our choice but it just happens. Kinda like being hit by a car. Totally unexpected. Totally out of your control. But s... er...stuff happens! Just do your best to do the right thing. That thing your heart tells you to do. You'll (we'll) be okay... because really, love is all that matters and when love is your driving force, you can't be too far off course.... 

These artists can tell you all about loyalty and honor and love and trying your best.... Buffalo Gals, Eric Taylor, Sarah Mac, Pierce Pettis, Sam Robbins, Alicia McGovern and Beaucoup Blue might have some answers.... or not... just give their songs a listen and there might be answers for you tucked neatly in the lyrics. 

Check out these artists on their "official" websites and music pages for more "answers" to tricky questions or concerns... don't just take my advice.... not that I think you do... just sayin'

Big Love, Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud 

Secret Kisses  

We all have our little secrets and we try to keep them to ourselves..... because it's sometimes better that we don't share them. But sometimes they do come out and sometimes they seem like betrayal but to whom? The kind of love that makes us vulnerable is powerful.... it can withstand any hit .... well, almost any. Light is powerful and the more light you shine the better you feel but are you trying to make yourself feel better by hurting someone else? As Melissa Carper sings, sometimes "it's better if you never know". Or, as Connie Laine says, there's a "Secret side of You"... Pierce Pettis sings about "That Kind of Love" because we all want that. Take a chance. Be bold and sometimes, hold your tongue and be kind. All of these songwriters will make you think about these choices and more. Heads up, Melissa Carper, The Rough & Tumble, Al Scortino, Pierce Pettis, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Connie Laine, Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield and The New 76ers will give you their spin on love and lies and secret kisses. 

Be In The Light.... Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud