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Deep & Wide  

How deeply do you feel things..... I mean .. really? Time and time again we say we're in love but what does that mean.. really? Is there a moment where you feel so lost and lonely or left behind that your world spins around you and breaks apart in front of your eyes, or is that just drama creeping in? 

There is a time to give into those depths and then, sometimes, there's a time to just laugh at the silliness of being the drama queen du jour....Laugh right along with all of us at our mis-steps and mistakes and realize we're all in good company. If you can't laugh at yourself, believe me, the world will be laughing AT you. Be a clown.... it's okay.. Wyatt Espalin, The Currys, Buddy Mondlock, Bradford Loomis, Lis & Lon Williamson, The Rough and Tumble, Buffalo Gals and Passerine will all tell you ... they've been there too. From the depths to the wide open spaces of emotion... 

Laughter and Love.   Maggie & Mike   Lucky Mud 

Fire & Spirit  

A Phoenix rising from the ashes and soaring to new heights is the ultimate redemption. We all want and wish for that, sometimes. That incredible second chance to make something right! These times can be the thing that defeats us... or we can emerge stronger and more resilient. It's always within our power with the choices we make about the life we want to live. Or.... you can crawl away into the darkness and decide that you just can't take it anymore. Choices.... 

Choose to listen to these awesome artists and perhaps their songs will offer that slim glimmer of light that sets you free... try it... Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Eric Taylor, The New 76ers, Buffalo Gals, Dave Griffin, Friction Farm and Tom Kimmel haver the power to heal through their music. Take the chance....

Faith & Harmony.   Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud


New Beginnings  

Brand spankin New Year.... new attitude... new feelings... new beginnings. It's all in front of us now. The past is way gone, somewhere into oblivion and the opportunity for new life, new hope, new history is right in front of us. Reach out and take it and make it what you want. Don't give away the opportunities that await you. Take the carousel ride and grab the ticket and hang on tight. Be where you want to be in this boundless universe. Let these artists, Buffalo Gals, Bill Scorzari, Pierce Pettis, Al Scortino, Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield (Reckless Saints), Lucky Mud, Well Worn Soles and The Sarah Mac Band take you to a higher level. The most bearable lightness of being.... 

Now Boarding! Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud

Christmas from the Ruins plus  

Christmas, Xmas, Hannukah, Kwaanza, Holidays ... whatever you wish to call it... it's about the spirit of giving and love and caring about your fellow creatures, of all kinds. the joy should always be about giving, not receiving.... although receiving is pretty nice too. We are grateful mostly for the gifts of friendship, of music, of love and a shared commitment to be the best you can possibly be and to be as kind as you can to every living thing. That's our wish for the you... that's our wish for the world. Be a little more caring, a little kinder, give a little more and be brave enough to love wholeheartedly. Merry Merry Happy Happy ..... Lucky Mud's CD "Christmas from the Ruins" is featured heavily in this show along with The Paul Brock Band, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield, Nikki Talley and Pierce Pettis.

Feliz Navidad!! Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud 



Remember that feeling of longing that hits you like a wave breaking over your head? The kind of wave that pushes you down so hard you almost don't want to come back up... until the air in your lungs expire and you realize you have the will to live. Where you are determined to try to find that thing you hunger for. That feeling can drive you to be reckless or just adventurous, but either way, you're driven. That's what music can do for us. Propel us into another realm where nothing is certain but anything is possible. Let Wyatt Espalin, Elaine Mahon, Beaucoup Blue, Dana Cooper, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, The Rough & Tumble and Rebekah Pulley give you a guided tour through the possibilities and you choose your preferences. It won't hurt a bit and along the way you might just find yourself.... or someone else.... or someone you thought you were but realize you're not. It's all good, man.

Bon Voyage, Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud