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Rainbows on Rainy Days  

The rainbows that take us through rainy days .... hope springs eternal and still we have doubts. But isn't that what life is? A series of bumps and brushes and good days and bad days..... and yet, we persist. It's a sweet thing .... this life .... this adventure that takes us down this bumpy, beautiful and precious road. Starting with Rainy Days and ending with apologies .... but we wouldn't have it any other way. Our precious artists on this show are Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Nikki Talley, The Rough and Tumble, Pierce Pettis, Brian Smalley, Frank Graham and Bill Scorzari. Take this ride with us and bring a friend. Buckle up ..... its gonna be a good one. 

Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud


No matter how sure you are.... there are still those questions that are never quite answered in your soul. Just a little doubt keeps us humble and makes us want to do better..... or not. Mean Mary leaves many questions unanswered in the first song on this show and Barbara Paul tells us Nobody Knows us.... the questions keep coming with Lucky Mud, The Currys, Nate Currin, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Buddy Mondlock, Dana Cooper and Rebekah Pulley. Not all questions have answers and maybe that's a good thing. Maybe all answers don't have questions. Have a listen and don't ask yourself who, what, when or why. Just enjoy!! Each artist has an onsite presence..... follow up with the ones that appeal. Leave a comment..... no questions asked... promise!

Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud


A longing for something, we know not what.... sehnsucht.... Wistful and yearning. It's in the air, all around us and we long for it. These songs represent that emotion, that yearning. Sit back and enjoy and dream away... Featured artists are, Wyatt Espalin, Tom Kimmel, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Alicia McGovern, Buddy Mondlock, Barbara Paul & The Brock McGuire Band. Come dream with us and drift away.... sehnsucht... Lucky Mud


All the characters that drive the stories we love... lovable, mean, sweet, charming, unforgettable... these characters are the stuff of nightmares and sweet dreams. Some of these characters are in the songs of this show and created by these artists: Mike Jurgensen, Al Scortino, Lucky Mud, Rebekah Pulley, The Rough & Tumble, Strangled Darlings, Dana Cooper and Panama Red. Are you one of these characters or do you know one of these characters? Listen and let us know......


If you think back can you remember the music that tracked your life, the people who changed your life and the events that shaped your life, or your world? These memories are the soundtrack of our lives and these songs are a reflection of that. Featured on this show is Grant Peeples, Bradford Loomis, Lucky Mud, Lis & Lon Williamson, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, The Ashley Gang and Strangled Darlings. Savor the memories and enjoy this show with a friend. 


What are the pieces and parts of our lives? All the elements that make up the whole. Silver, Ruby, Smoke & Love.... each has its place ..each is a story. Our story begins with My One & Only, Rachel Grubb, Lucky Mud, Matthew Kenneth Fowler, Alicia McGovern, Bill Scorzari and ends with Achilles Wheel. We are lucky to be able to access these elements and hold them in our hearts.... for a little while! 

Girl Power  

This show features powerful women and men singing about powerful women. Rise up and bask in your girl power. Give in to the feminine side instead of the dark side with the following artists: Eric Taylor, Kim Mayfield & Roy Schneider, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Panama Red, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Nikki Talley and Alicia McGovern. Rise up and tune in to our "Mothers Day" show. 

Swingin Wild & Free  

From one side all the way to the other, sometimes we fly higher and higher without being aware of the possible outcome... we just swing. Wild & Free. Its a rush. Swingers in this show are The New 76ers, Rebekah Pulley, Pierce Pettis, Frank Graham, Achilles Wheel, The Currys, The Rough & Tumble and Brock McGuire Band. Swing on by for a free ride through this show. 

Sweetest Trouble  

The sweetest trouble can sometimes be the worst because you don't realize how much trouble you're in until its too late. But you are in trouble. Hang in there for the bumpy ride because it is worth it..... in the long run. Troublemakers on this show are Del Suggs, Mean Mary, The Rough & Tumble, Tom Kimmel, Nikki Talley, Webb Wilder and Ian Dunlop. All aboard... adjust your seatbelts and hang on. 

Power Play  

The power of music is a gift. It can take us high, it can take us low but it will take us, have its way with us and leave us wanting more. Power players in this show are Achilles Wheel, Bing Futch, Bradford Loomis, Buddy Mondlock, The Currys, Friction Farm, Lucky Mud and Well Worn Soles. Hop on for the ride and take a friend along with you.