Life Happens 

They call me Pollyanna .... for those of you too young to remember, Pollyanna was the girl who believed that horse manure in her stocking meant she was getting a pony ... more or less! Except that I can be a little more realistic. Sort of... I believe that people are intrinsically good and will do the right thing... in most cases! Are you the eternal pessimist or the eternal optimist? Do you feel like you need someone to "guide" you in the right direction or do you have an innate sense of right and wrong? I say, most of us know what we should and shouldn't do and how we should treat others. See... I am Pollyanna... I hope you are too. I know each and every one of these artists are great human beings and their music proves it. John French, Nikki Talley, The New 76ers, Lucky Mud, Al Scortino, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Buddy Mondlock and The Buffalo Gals write beautiful, soulful music that tells you who they are. Let's listen and find out... 

Always living in Hope, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 


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