1. Feelin' Lucky
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It's easy to feel lucky when everything's going right. But feelin' lucky when everything's going wrong? That's special.


Woke up this mornin'
Rain pouring down
Slept in my car on the wrong side of town
Gas tank's on empty
My job's on the line
Boss man said this is my last time
But I'm feelin' lucky

Clock on the dash
Says 'quarter past eight
Boss said 'don't come to work
If you're gonna be late'
So I drove to the store
I gave you a call
Spent twenty bucks on the Powerball
'Cause I'm feelin' lucky

You kissed me last night
You whispered my name
You held me so tight
Said I was your man
So I'm feelin' lucky

Twenty to one horse
I bet it all
Feel so good no worries at all
And I'm gonna win
That Powerball
'Cause I'm feelin' lucky
I'm feelin' lucky