Dance of Love 

Are you in love? Have you ever been in love? In love so bad that your teeth hurt when that person comes around? Okay ... maybe other things besides your teeth ... but you know what I mean. Is that real love or just craving? Real love is always there in your heart, your mind, your soul ... in the things you do day by day.. in the way you act and the things you say. Even when you're angry with that person, you're still in love... just not right at that very moment! It makes life sweeter. Love is that thing that makes you want to be with your best friend. That means you always have something to talk about or do together. But everybody has a different idea about what real love is.... I know that. I just know that for me (and Mike) it's a lifetime of living and working and laughing and being mad and sharing and taking and giving and being worried about each other and caring if the other person is feeling happy or sad. It's a life... hopefully, well lived. I know that these artists, Sam Robbins, Bradford Loomis, Ruth Wyand, Achilles Wheel, Briam Smalley, Wyatt Espalin, Paul kamm & Eleanore MacDonald and The Myriad all have their own ideas about love.... I wonder what they have to say about it. Let's listen .... 

Lovin Life, Maggie & Mike      Lucky Mud 

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