Heaven and Earth 

Do you believe in Heaven? Not in the "biblical sense"..... how is that possible... hmm .... is there only heaven in the Bible? I think every culture has a "heaven" wrapped up in its mythology although it might be called Valhalla or Nirvana or your very own "Eden" .... but I digress... imagine that! At any rate, the original question remains. Do you believe in Heaven? Earth is right here! Right in front of you. All around you. You stand on it every day. It's real.... and you know it! But isn't heaven just as real. Doesn't heaven really just mean happiness? Can you create your own heaven... or hell... with your attitude or a mindset. I don't know about you but I choose happiness. I choose heaven. Better still, I feel happiness in the world around me and I relish it. Some wise person once said " Attitude is like a flat tire, you won't get anywhere until you change it " ..... I really think that's true. I believe that music can make us happy, a sense of heaven. It does that for me and I think these artists, The New 76ers, The Strangled Darlings, Bradford Loomis, Dana Cooper, Elaine Mahon, Ruth Wyand, Panama Red and Lucky Mud all know that feeling of touching heaven! Let's take a little walk through this garden of music together!

Happy Hunting, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud

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