Paradise Lost  

I think every person in the world has their own vision of what "paradise" means. To some it's sittin around, strumming on a harp, singing la de da all day (whatever a day is there, you know .. in paradise) maybe takin a toke now and then with your feet propped up on a velvet pillow (it has to be velvet, you know) petting your favorite cat, dog, ferret... whatever... your best friend.. with pomegranates in a bowl with strawberries and whipped cream.... uh... not that I've thought of it... paradise... at all...mmm... maybe I digress. Anyway, whatever you think your particular paradise is, in your mind, what if you felt like you would never have that dream come true? Is it possible to dream something, probably totally unrealistic, and then felt like you've lost the remotest possibility of achieving it... even though it's unachievable anyway? Does having a totally unrealistic vision of "eden" set you up for forever failure? Are there any answers to impossible questions? Are there really aliens waiting to make us pod people??? Er.... never mind...hmmm... la de da... Our featured artists on this remarkable show are Mimi Hearn, Strangled Darlings, Matthew Cochran, The Reckless Saints, Sam Robbins, Dana Cooper, The Rough & Tumble and Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald.... You'll love this music ... Let's just forget about the other stuff ... aliens, paradise, harps and stuff... okay!!

Far out there somewhere in Paradise, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

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