Stately Musings 

I love to travel. I love the feel of the road. I love the air and the smells of new places... well, mostly...I love the sense of adventure and the scenery of new places. The discovery of uniqueness along the way. Travel broadens your horizons both physically and mentally. Meeting new people with different cultures, beliefs and opinions is a wonderful eye opener for me. I love to hear what people are thinking, what they're reading and watching. Mostly, I love the smells! The peat fires in Ireland. The smell of hot sage in the West. The smell of must and dampness in England and Scotland. The smell and feel of high desert and scent of cedar trees. This show will take you places, in song, around the country! Grant Peeples, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Rebekah Pulley, Ian Dunlop, The Rough & Tumble, Eric Taylor, Nikki Talley and Lucky Mud all have places to share with you.... Take a ride and capture the magic!!

In Route, Maggie & Mike      Lucky Mud

PS Bon Voyage

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