All the Signs 

Relationships can be confusing. Are they being honest with us? Are they true friends? What's their motivation for staying close to me? If you think you're alone in this, you are so mistaken! All of us have those questions, doubts, at some point in our lives. Watch the signs! All of the signs. They are certainly there. We just choose to ignore them... a lot of the time! After all, aren't we nice people. Fun to be around. Sincere in our relationships. Not all people are so simple. Don't reflect your sincerity in other people. Let them tell you who they are .... and then, believe them. Not with their words. Those slip easily off of the tongue. Watch what they do. How they treat others. Evaluate their honesty with others. Watch those signs and you'll certainly figure out who is true... and who is not! These artists will tell you with their songs! Give a listen and see if you can catch the signs of artistry and truth by Lucky Mud, Buddy Mondlock, Nikki Talley, Sally Spring, Michael R.J. Roth, Passerine, The Reckless Saints and Achilles Wheel. I'll bet you can.

Honestly yours, in music ... Maggie & Mike   Lucky Mud 

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