Deep Grace 

How do you process your emotions? Do you feel things deeply or do you just ride the crest of them and never dive into the depths? Sometimes we use our lack of deep emotion as a defense mechanism. That way we can't get hurt... right... so, so wrong. When we allow our feelings to dive deep and then resurface we are giving them the full force they need to cleanse our soul of that pain, that hurt, the love, the anger or desire. That doesn't mean that we take our hurt feelings out on others or ourselves. it just means that if you are feeling deeply about something, you have to allow yourself that moment to process... and then move on. That's grace! That's loving yourself enough to care deeply then continue on your way, without regret. Regrets are killers. They are unresolved emotions. Go ahead... dive deep... resurface and live free. These artists and their music just might help. Listen to Melissa Carper, Lis & Lon Williamson, Tom Kimmel, Dana Cooper, Brian Smalley, The Currys and The Reckless Saints for just a little advice, or just some peace. 

Living the dream, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

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