Secret Corners 

Everybody has secrets. Everybody! Secrets don't have to be a bad thing. Most secrets aren't. It's just our own little piece of world that we don't really want to share. Our own private story. Sometimes it's a dream we have that's just a little too personal, something we hope will happen but we don't think ever will so it's our little "wish upon a star" moment. There are certain secrets that we don't want anyone to know because some people can be judgmental and cruel. I love little secrets. As long as they aren't hurtful or cruel or make us feel bad and isolated. Keep your little secrets and hold them like precious gems to take out and watch them sparkle in private when you need a lift. Or, like these artists, Lis & Lon Williamson, Matthew Kenneth Fowler, Bill Scorzari, Rachel Grubb, Connie Laine, Beaucoup Blue and Dana Cooper put them to music and share away! 

Secretly in Love, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

PS... My secret (well, one of my secrets) is that I love putting these shows together and sharing them with you! There! I've told you..... 

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