Simple Things 

It really is the simple things that mean so much. How can you compare a smile to a $100 dollar bill or a kind touch to a $1000 dollar bill. Give me the simple things every time. A dollar bill can light a fire or buy a burger (not much of a burger, but a burger nonetheless) but a kind gesture or word can save a life. My favorite quote is by Oscar Wilde, Irish poet, who said "the cynic is one who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing". I think that might apply to a lot of folks these days who seem to equate success and value with money instead of quality of life and happiness. I know that Mean Mary, Eric Taylor, Carly Bak, Michelle Ingrham, Pierce Pettis, Sarah Mac and Tom Kimmel know what real success is. You can hear it in their music. In the words of their songs. If you have love in your life you are one of the wealthiest humans alive.... I'll take that any day!! 

Love, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

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