Sound & Fury 

Are you ever afraid? That deep shudder in your soul, where you feel like someone else has taken over your body and you don't know where you are. It certainly brings you up short and makes you rethink, well... everything! There are times when that moment changes your life. If that's happened to you, think of it as a gift. Without that momentary fear, you might have done something stupid or reckless. It may have saved your life! Life lessons are jewels. They may seem rough and unexemplary but over time they take on a life of their own and may become a guidepost .. not to mention a great story to tell your friends .... or not! Think of these artists and their songs as life lessons, cautionary tales or just a reminder that we all hurt. We all have fears and traumas but we survive them... most of the time! Sarah Mac, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Ruth Wyand, Bradford Loomis, Frank Lindamood, Michael R.J. Roth, Rebekah Pulley and Lucky Mud may just be tryin to tell you something by way of a lyric, a song or a melody. Hope you are tuned in and get the message. 

Love, Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud 

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