Sorrow & Sunrise 

There is always tomorrow! Every day is a gift that offers the possibility of change and hope. It's a brand new day with not one smudge on it and it's yours to do with as you wish. Many people have hardships and sorrows that are hard to put behind us but watch how hard many of them work to do just that while the "privileged" of us moan about it. You are the captain of your own ship and you make decisions that will affect you every day. Some people make bad decisions and those decisions seem to compound but you can break that string of hardship if you really want to. It takes willpower and sometimes the willingness to accept help and advice but you can change, if you really want to. Change is inevitable, sometimes painful, but always inevitable. Darwin's Theory wasn't that the strong will survive but that those who adapt will not only survive but will thrive. Be the change you want to see! Listen to these wonderful artists and get some inspiration or guidance.... The Rough & Tumble, The Currys, Aaron Bearden, Eric Taylor, Lucky Mud, Tom Kimmel, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons and Sam Robbins are songwriters with a message... I hope you find your message in one of their songs! Let them know if you do....

In Spirit with you, Maggie & Mike      Lucky Mud 


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