Flying Blues 

I've caught myself flying blind and wondered what the hell I was thinking, but maybe that's the point ..... I wasn't thinking. I was just letting the moment take me away and going with it. Like the wind suddenly catching the hem of your dress and blowing up over your waist. Nothing to be done. It's already happened and you just hope you have on pretty underwear and onlookers weren't too shocked. Sadness and tears are kind of like that feeling. Suddenly overwhelming and powerful and there's nothing to be done in that moment but go with it. It just happens. The blues can be overwhelming but if you let them run their course, most times you feel better when they've gone. It's a risk..... but isn't that life? Isn't it all one big chance? Take a chance with Mare Wakefield & Nomad, Frank Julian, Al Scortino, Ruth Wyand, The Strangled Darlings, Beaucoup Blue, Dana Cooper and Buddy Mondlock. Just let yourself fly with the wind over the strains of these beautiful songs and live in the moment. 

Blindly floating along, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

PS... check out these artists on their individual websites and online presences if you like their music!

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