Verging on Madness 

The world has gone mad.... is going mad... maybe has always been mad.... but it's really bad right now. Do you feel the change in the air. The winds shifting. A new breakthrough of humanity. I hope so. I think we need a little peace and a whole lotta music. Really good music. Things that lift our spirit and make us want to be better human beings. A little light in the world. I'm ready for it. The change of the tide and the lift of the hull that sets us on a new adventure. Come away with Fellow Pynins, Del Suggs, Shelita Burke, Wyatt Espalin, Melissa Carper, The Resonant Rogues, Frank Graham and the New 76ers and let them lift you up and we'll float for a little while in the magic stream of beautiful music.... for a little while... 30 minutes of bliss. Let these artists know how you feel about their music. We all need encouragement to keep on keeping on.... 

Hope you feel the love, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

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