Time to Fly 

Do you always know when its time to leave? Instinct? Sometimes we overstay our welcome and we don't even know it. There we are just lazin' around thinkin' all's right with the world when we start to get the "hairy eyeball", as they say in Ireland.....the fishy feeling' that something just isn't right. Yep! It's time to skedaddle .... Maybe life just doesn't have hard and fast rules. There are some! Like the 10 golden rules ... but the nuances are the things that make you look foolish. Those pesky little shades of gray or grey... see... it's all about perspective or where you were raised or who you were raised by or around. Maybe you're the kind who always knows what's what.... or maybe you just think you are. Different perspective..... Each of our songwriters in this show has one of those....different perspectives, I mean! Ask Wyatt Espalin, The Currys, Eric Taylor, Grant Peeples, Matthew Fowler, Lucky Mud, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald or The Rough & Tumble what they think.... or maybe they will tell you in one of the songs featured today. Or, maybe you should listen to more of their songs and get tuned into their inner thoughts and feelings. After all isn't that what you like about music? Or maybe that's just me..... Could be! 

Flyin' away now, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 


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