Ties that Bind 

Does it ever seem that no matter what you do, you're tied up in knots and running in circles? We all have those days, weeks, months..... hell, even years! The only difference is that sometimes..... sometimes... we enjoy those difficulties, the trials and tribulations. The daily drama... drama queens and kings. Are we so bored that we have the need to create problems? Pull yourself out of that frame of mind and release those demons. You choose which one you want to follow... or believe... or play with. The seeds of hope are in your heart... plant them and grow a great future. It's all in your power. These artists all know the traps that can befall you when you hang out with the bad seeds in our world. Pay heed to Rebekah Pulley, Pierce Pettis, Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield, My One & Only, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Tom Kimmel and Elaine Mahon. They will give you a song to carry you through the bad times or sing along with in happy times. Hold onto those ties that bind .... or let them go. It's all up to you. 

Check out these artists on their independent music sites... each one has an online presence.

As always, with love.....

Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud

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