Secret Kisses 

We all have our little secrets and we try to keep them to ourselves..... because it's sometimes better that we don't share them. But sometimes they do come out and sometimes they seem like betrayal but to whom? The kind of love that makes us vulnerable is powerful.... it can withstand any hit .... well, almost any. Light is powerful and the more light you shine the better you feel but are you trying to make yourself feel better by hurting someone else? As Melissa Carper sings, sometimes "it's better if you never know". Or, as Connie Laine says, there's a "Secret side of You"... Pierce Pettis sings about "That Kind of Love" because we all want that. Take a chance. Be bold and sometimes, hold your tongue and be kind. All of these songwriters will make you think about these choices and more. Heads up, Melissa Carper, The Rough & Tumble, Al Scortino, Pierce Pettis, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Connie Laine, Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield and The New 76ers will give you their spin on love and lies and secret kisses. 

Be In The Light.... Maggie & Mike    Lucky Mud

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