Rhythm of Life 

There's a motion, movement that keeps us running smoothly through this life... or not, sometimes. The breath we breathe, our walking pace our speech patterns, the way our hands express thoughts, involuntarily. It's the rhythm of life. Sometimes we get thrown off path by a sudden change or interruption. A bump in our road. Getting our pace back in step is the goal sometimes, just regaining our equilibrium and feeling "normal". Sometimes those abrupt changes create a new path or attitude and that can be really good .... or really bad. But, although change is painful, it is necessary. These artists all have a pace and motion that sets this show on a path of thought, a path of self awareness or just ... a path... you decide .... featured artists are Wyatt Espalin, Dana Cooper, The Ashley Gang, Lucky Mud, Rebekah Pulley, The Rough & Tumble, Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald and Pierce Pettis.... catch the wave and ride it home on this "Rhythm of Life" ... 

On our own life path, Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud   Peace 

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