Movin On 

Move it ... get on the road... travelin blues. We all get that urge. Sometimes in a blue jalopy, sometimes a train ( I love trains) or just on foot. Gotta get goin'. Any way you choose to travel or whichever way you choose to go, we have a song for that. That's the great thing about music.... you always have a traveling' companion, a compadre to hoof it down the road with. These songs by Slim Fatz, Bradford Loomis, Lucky Mud, Achilles Wheel, Mean Mary, Pierce Pettis, Sally Spring and Ted Lyons and Beaucoup Blue will give you that boost you need to be movin' on. Go ahead, you know you got that feelin' down deep in your soul..... even if it's just down to the grocery store.... boogie on down the road!! We're right there with you.... 

Safe travels..... Maggie & Mike .... Lucky Mud


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