Are you a loyal person? Someone who stands up for what you believe and stands by those people and things you love? Most of us would answer, of course. But how far would you go to protect or defend what you care about. Sometimes we think we're committed to something..... until we're not! That's okay. Change is inevitable, painful... but inevitable. Not all change is our choice but it just happens. Kinda like being hit by a car. Totally unexpected. Totally out of your control. But s... er...stuff happens! Just do your best to do the right thing. That thing your heart tells you to do. You'll (we'll) be okay... because really, love is all that matters and when love is your driving force, you can't be too far off course.... 

These artists can tell you all about loyalty and honor and love and trying your best.... Buffalo Gals, Eric Taylor, Sarah Mac, Pierce Pettis, Sam Robbins, Alicia McGovern and Beaucoup Blue might have some answers.... or not... just give their songs a listen and there might be answers for you tucked neatly in the lyrics. 

Check out these artists on their "official" websites and music pages for more "answers" to tricky questions or concerns... don't just take my advice.... not that I think you do... just sayin'

Big Love, Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud 

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