Long Gone Love 

You know.... it really is all about love. I always hope that the driving force that keeps us kind, makes us have a great life, colors our decisions about all aspects of life and creates purpose is love. But that's just me ... or is it. Maybe we all want love so much that we'll do anything for it..... good and bad. When we don't have it, it makes us desperate to find it, hold onto it, afraid to share it or lose it ... so much that we choke it to death with our need..... or not....Love isn't always pretty and sweet but what would we do without it. I know that I don't want to try living without it. I don't think these artists, Rebekah Pulley, Tom Kimmel, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Sarah Mac, Roy Schneider (Reckless Saints), Melissa Carper, Lucky Mud and Cindy Bear want to live without love either... but you should listen to their songs and decide for yourself. 

Big Love,  Maggie & Mike.    Lucky Mud 

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