Holy Rollers 

The ethereal world is easy to ignore.... or is it? We drift from shiny new thing to shiny new thing but underneath that shininess there are always small, quiet voices whispering to us if we just stop long enough to let the dust settle and listen. You know that instinct to run.... the instinct to turn around and walk the other way or disbelieve what someone is telling you. You know! You know but you may choose to ignore that warning beeping in your head like the ever present back up beep in Sam's .... eek! That's the early warning system that's put in place to keep us safe. Or maybe I'm the only one hearing those voices ..... could be just me... I don't know but I will tell you they've kept me out of a lot of trouble.. so far. So have these incredible singer/songwriters & awesome musicians... Bradford Loomis, Bill Scorzari, The Fellow Pynins, Lucky Mud, Buffalo Gals, Larry Mangum, Pierce Pettis and Tom Kimmel... listen to them... they may just guide you into the ethereal and keep you safe! It's worth a try....

Stay safe out there, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud

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