Fire in the Blood  

What are you passionate about? Music, art, a person, place or thing? Maybe its the burning issue of the moment. The gypsies show passion through their music and dance. It's awe inspiring and makes me breathless sometimes. Do you have an outlet for that fire in your blood? I watch a beautiful horse move over a rolling plain and I think that there's nothing more lovely. Watch a dancer move, a baby laugh or someone doing something honorable and kind and tears come to my eyes. I get choked up. That's how I honestly feel about great music and this show has that quality. Rachel Grubb, Beaucoup Blue, Ruth Wyand, Lucky Mud, Matthew Kenneth Fowler, Sam Robbins, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Rebekah Pulley and Dave Griffin provide the music and help you feel that fire in your blood. 

Feelin' the burn.... Maggie & Mike.    Lucky Mud 

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