Dark Arts 

Do you love to paint or draw, dance or sing, play music or write songs? All of those are considered arts but what about the art of love, of kindness, of being a true friend. Those are the arts that transcend the physical. Can you have true art without these essential qualities. There is a soulless darkness that some people possess. The technique of "artistry" can be exemplary but if it lacks the depth of love, kindness and loyalty it's a dead art. No soul ... no true art! I have witnessed many performances that left me cold. No emotion, no heart, nothing that shook me or made me laugh or cry! I cannot separate my heart from the music and I'm suspicious of those who can. These artists all have the ability to wind their souls into their songs. The Buffalo Gals, Reckless Saints, Resonant Rogues, Rough and Tumble, Tom Kimmel, Alicia McGovern, Scott Jackson, Ken Gaines and Lucky Mud make you feel their music. At least, for me. Let them know if you feel the same.....

Soulfully, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

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