Different Strokes 

Being different isn't a bad thing! As a matter of fact, many of those "different people" have changed the world. Looking at the world through a different lens sometimes makes the colors brighter or sharpens the images or simply gives you a alternate perspective! The world would be mighty bland if we were all alike. Innovations and the innovators have helped make the world a better place. Appreciating all of the colors, differences of culture, differences of opinion, languages, art and geography around the globe and even in our back yard makes for a better society. A society that celebrates our diversity and refuses the attempt to assimilate every individual into oneness is healthier and more humane. The music in this show "Different Strokes" is certainly not ordinary. Let Matthew Cochran, Rebekah Pulley, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, Elaine Mahon, Del Suggs, Alicia McGovern, The Buffalo Gals and Al Scortino show you the wonderful differences in their music that keep us all humming or dancing along.  

See you on the dance floor..... or not... Maggie & Mike.     Lucky Mud 

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