Opportunity sometimes presents itself in unique ways. We're all guilty of overlooking or ignoring potential possibilities .... okay... maybe I should just be speaking for myself but I like to think I'm not alone in missing some chances. It's really a matter of paying attention and trusting your gut instincts. I like to believe that I'm pretty aware but I know that I'm sometimes oblivious .... If we payed a little more attention to the world around us we might be a little more in tune with the environment, with our friends and partners, our community. Maybe these artists can offer a few clues through their songs included on this show. Artists like The Winterlings, The Currys, The Rough and Tumble (that's a lot of The's...lol..) Ellen Bukstel, Friction Farm, Grant Peeples, Michael J. Roth and Nikki Talley don't always have the answers but sometimes you just need to know the right question. 

Always, Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

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