Devilish Border Crossings  

Border crossings can be slippery, especially if you have sketchy friends in tow. For some reason those in charge at borders can be a little touchy. I mean, your friend looks like the devil, literally, or he could just be Dana Cooper or Tom Kimmel, but either way, he just looks sketchy. Sometimes you are the company you keep.... and here at Maggie's Musical Farm, we think that's a good thing.... most of the time. Keep company with songwriters and you'll never get bored. You might get in a little trouble, you might even get mad or sad, but I guarantee you will never get bored. Especially at border crossings.... join these artists, Frank Graham, Nikki Talley, Mimi Hearn, The Currys, Tom Kimmel, Dana Cooper, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald and Lucky Mud on the musical road to some venue or another. Let us know how the journey went.....

Bon Voyage, Maggie & Mike.    Lucky Mud (your musical guides through the mysterious, musical maelstrom)

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