We all make choices every day! We have the right to choose the way we operate in our world… as long as we don't hurt others, infringe on their rights and their choices and respect ourselves and everyone else. We live and die by those choices and are responsible for the consequences of them. Why do we think that others should live their lives based on the choices we make for ourselves? Who died and made us God? These songs reflect many choices that are made by people every day… Addiction, homelessness, love and rejecting love… some of those aren't so much choices as ramifications of our choices, our decisions perhaps based on bad advice or neglect, ignorance or even selfishness. Here's hoping that the world makes better choices in the furture. In the meantime, we have beautiful music and artists who gift us their love and their love for music and humanity every day. We are grateful to Sam Robbins, The Rough & Tumble, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Dana Cooper, Edessa, Tom Kimmel, Rebekah Pulley, Ruth Wyand and Al Scortino for the gift of their songs and the wisdom they offer. 

Choosing Love, Maggie & Mike   Lucky Mud 

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