Eyes of Love 

Do you look at the world through rose colored glasses? Is it possible to have too much love or too much hope? I think that the more love we give, the more love that grows and the better we feel about ourselves and our lives, the happier we, and all the people around us, are! That's what I think.... but it doesn't really matter what I think. What really matters is what I do.. or you do.. or the people around us do. Love feeds love and when love is starving it leaves space for hate. It's too easy to give into hate when you're starving for love. I say let's feed the world love and let's do it through music. These artists, Sam Robbins, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Passerine, Mean Mary, Pierce Pettis, The Resonant Rogues, Wyatt Espalin and The Restless Saints all have enough love to share and it's a beautiful thing. Let's stroll arm in arm through the world and spread the love. It costs nothing and means so much.

Love, Maggie & Mike       Lucky Mud 

PS Spread it around... you won't be losing a thing and you'll be getting so much in return.

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