Strength in Change 

Are you set in your ways? Absolutely certain that you are on the right path. Undeterrable, immutable, unwaveringly determined. Maybe that's good. Maybe! But maybe, I say MAYBE, we need to step back from that certainty and with clear eyes, assess where we are and what lies ahead. All too often, we get jarred off course, a new path opens and suddenly it makes a whole lot of sense to follow it into a brand new beginning. Forced into changing something that you never even considered for one moment. New paths can be scary but sometimes, scary good. Keep your options open and don't get bogged down in surety. There are so many options, so many paths and so much life! These songs will reflect some changes, some constancies and always original music by unique artists with one major thing in common... they are excellent singer/songwriters and musicians! Listen Eric Taylor, The Buffalo Gals, Lucky Mud, Frank Graham, Mean Mary, Elaine Mahon, Del Suggs and The Resonant Rogues for some attitude adjustments and stories to give you some perspective. Then let them all know what you think of their music.....

Variably Yours, Maggie & Mike      Lucky Mud

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