Firehorses & Cowboy Moons 

Where does the inspiration for a song come from? Are we just trying to explain something to ourselves... or others?Is there something in us that drives us to express some unspoken passion ... or trauma.. or are we just story tellers with a gift of gab/music/drama? Drama, conflict, desire, historical reference or just a question or curiosity. These things are the stuff of dreams, of songs and books. We all have a story to tell.  Some people like Scott Dalziel, Brian Smalley, Dana Cooper, Larry Mangum, Rebekah Pulley, Bradford Loomis, Matthew Kenneth Fowler and Pierce Pettis are just really great at telling these stories. Maybe they are their stories but maybe they're ours as well. Maybe thats why a particular song means something more to us than others. Who knows? We are all so interconnected that maybe we all have the same story. You figure it out..... I'm tired! But that's a story for another day! I just want to listen to some great music here and relax.... hope you do the same!! 

Every picture tells a story.... don't it?? 

Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud