Small Town Dreams 

Small town living doesn't only occur in small towns. It's in the heart and the way you treat others. It's the way you feel about your life and those in your life. Kindness and empathy don't just happen in small towns but that's where they grew up and that's where they were nurtured. You can run away from a small town but you carry that with you wherever you are and whomever you're with. It's not all sunshine and roses and all people in small towns aren't good but it's a little easier to distinguish the bad actors from the good..... unless you're watching a play in New York. Sometimes the worst actors get the best parts .... oops .. I digress. These songs (and songwriters) are about hearts and sadness and love and just carrying on... Songs by Passerine, Lucky Mud, Nikki Talley, Al Scortino, Lauren Heintz, Larry Mangum, Pierce Pettis and Sarah Mac Band. Life is what you make of it.... Welcome to our small town and the awesome musicians who inhabit it. "Look 'em in the eye and tell 'em how you feel.......

We love them... and you!  Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud 

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