For some people life is a little more complicated than for others..... or so it seems. All those people who seem to float through life .... savoir faire..... the easiness to breeze along. But maybe it's the story of the swan, who seems so beautifully serene... drifting along on top of the water... while paddling like crazy to keep going. When we compare our insides to others outsides.... you know..those who seem to get by effortlessly... we're making a mistake. Because most people are really struggling along like the rest of us. They just don't let it show. That's why the lyrics in songs, and songwriters themselves, are so important. It clues us into the fact that we're all paddling along the river of life just as hard as everyone else. We aren't all that different. Listen to these songs by Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Pierce Pettis, Beaucoup Blue, Friction Farm, Buddy Mondlock, Alicia McGovern, Tom Kimmel and Sally Spring & Ted Lyons and you'll understand .... it's the human dilemma... the heart can be a fickle thing and so can life. We're all in this together! Enjoy..... and, as always, leave a comment... if you're so inclined.