Life Lessons 

Don't poke a bear! I mean it.... it could get ugly! That's a real life lesson along with, stay off the track off Hattie's Shack, don't park on the railroad tracks or don't pull a pigs tail. I know you know all of these things but do you strictly adhere to these life lessons? I know I do! I may break some others but those I pay attention to. Is it okay to pick up stray polecats or pet a Rhinoceros or sleep with a snake? Maybe that last one is a little more common than we know...... but I digress! 

These artists, The Buffalo Gals, Mean Mary, Grant Peeples, The Currys, Ellen Bukstel, Ken Gaines, Barbara Paul and The Reckless Saints have some life lessons wrapped up in their songs. Make sure you listen closely and pay attention. They could save your life!

Here's to schooling.... Maggie & Mike.  Lucky Mud

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