Remember that feeling of longing that hits you like a wave breaking over your head? The kind of wave that pushes you down so hard you almost don't want to come back up... until the air in your lungs expire and you realize you have the will to live. Where you are determined to try to find that thing you hunger for. That feeling can drive you to be reckless or just adventurous, but either way, you're driven. That's what music can do for us. Propel us into another realm where nothing is certain but anything is possible. Let Wyatt Espalin, Elaine Mahon, Beaucoup Blue, Dana Cooper, Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald, Sally Spring & Ted Lyons, The Rough & Tumble and Rebekah Pulley give you a guided tour through the possibilities and you choose your preferences. It won't hurt a bit and along the way you might just find yourself.... or someone else.... or someone you thought you were but realize you're not. It's all good, man.

Bon Voyage, Maggie & Mike.   Lucky Mud 

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