Advice (No Consent) 

When you ask for advice from a friend, relative or even a perfect stranger, it doesn't mean you have to TAKE it! I mean, you just asked. So for all the advice out there, it takes consent to actually take it. Some of these songs offer advice and others are just observations. You are never required to take advice from these artists..... I would venture to say... you probably shouldn't take advice from musicians, especially about finances or money, but sometimes, just sometimes they can say profound things that change your life. You decide ..... we offer no guarantees! Consent at your own risk..... but do give these artists a listen. You could pick up a life lesson..... or not! Featuring Lucky Mud (Steve Fisher;songwriter), The New 76ers, Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield, Rebekah Pulley, Pierce Pettis, Achilles Wheel & Beaucoup Blue. 

This is another stellar show and a joy to produce for your listening pleasure. Please check these artists out on their websites or other online presences. If you like what you hear, buy a CD or listen with your favorite streaming service, or better yet, if they're in a town nearby, go to a live concert. 

Maggie & Mike     Lucky Mud 

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