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SwampyTonk & Folkabilly”



Keep up to date on Lucky Mud shows and Americana Cafe Sundays upcoming concerts as well as new happenings at Maggie’s Musical Farm.

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Lucky Mud plays SwampyTonk and Folkabilly. The unlikeliest of combinations and the most descriptive form of Mud Music. 


 October 10th, 2018, a Category 5 Hurricane named Michael devastated our home and land. Compared to the tens of thousands of people around us we are very charmed and grateful to our community and the community of Florida Folk singers, who gave over ten thousand dollars through us and other volunteers to the survivors of this catastrophe. We will be eternally grateful for their help, in which their dollars were translated into food, sleeping bags, blankets and so many necessary items that kept our neighbors alive. 

We will be there at any time to return the favor.

Nothing is better than having friends with chainsaws. 

Now, over two years later, there are still thousands of homeless, thousands of damaged and destroyed houses and businesses - and over 90 percent of our forests were also decimated. And they remain decimated. 

Over a year ago we switched our Americana Cafe Sundays concerts here to Maggie's Musical Farm - to our beautiful stage and our beautiful covered pavilion amidst the broken trees.

There is an old Japanese poem that, translated, says, "Barn Burnt Down. Now I Can See The Moon".

It's how we have to see our new world. Thanks for sticking with us as we left these pages alone too long.


Mud photos. First, at our regular Sunday concert, which we called Americana Cafe Sundays when we held our shows at Roberts Hall (Now here at Maggie's Musical Farm), the second at the Train Station in Dunellon, Florida, and last on the Magnolia Stage (Mainstage) at the Will McLean Festival near Tampa in March.

The Will Mclean Festival is a beautiful festival that gathers together singer/songwriters every March to celebrate the life of Will McLean, Florida's Troubadour. 

The pandemic has taken a toll as well with the music community. No one is touring but we're all trying to find ways to communicate with our music. Playing live music has always been more of a lifestyle than a livelihood. It's something we do because we need it as much as the audience.

Now we all wait and hope for an end to the virus.



 Our latest CD is called Mud on the Saddle, a collection of 12 original Cowboy/Western songs featuring lots of yodeling and great lyrics. Our last CD, Feelin' Lucky, as available through this website or through CD Baby at either

Feelin' Lucky can also be heard at

All 15 Lucky Mud CDs are available online on CD Baby and at Kunaki.


"This local husband-wife folk duo seems to always have new music up their sleeves. Their newest full-length album is a mix of folky, southern-inspired whimsical tunes like “Blackberry Jelly” and stories about people who didn’t quite do right (“Amber Alert”). But it’s the two ballads that steal the spotlight with emotional intimacy and authenticity." - Nikki Hedrick

" "Lucky Mud is from the deeper side of Folk Music. The couple have a soulful connection that is palpable." -EARBUZZ "

"This folk duo whips up 14 songs on the topics of love, loss and longing on their CD Into the Night. With a penchant for storytelling, the pair is out to revive a bare bones approach to traditional American folk music. Highlights include “All I Know”—as the duo’s harmonies lead the way through the chorus and lyrics—to the surprisingly dark “Who Am I?” - Nikki Hedrick/ Beachcomber Magazine 30A

Don't forget, our Americana Cafe' Sundays concerts are now at Maggie's Musical Farm.

Here are a few of our guests who've graced the concerts over the last seven years, and now we've finished our seventh year. We wait impatiently for the music to return.

Rupert Wates

Bradford Loomis

Webb Wilder

John Butler

Connie Laine

Jacob Johnson

Finn Magill and Alan Murray

Natalie Gaza

The Paul Brock Band from County Clare, Ireland


The Wide Open

Well Worn Soles

Dr. David Evans

Rick Hardeman

As Scortino

Remedy Tree

Fellow Pynins

Carly Bak

Well Worn Soles

Panama Red

Rachel Grubb

Uncle Dave Griffin

Tom Kimmel

Lis and Lon Williamson

Matthew Fowler

The New 76ers

Eric Taylor

Sally Spring with Ted Lyons

Kamm and MacDonald

Bing Futch

Brian Smalley

Frank Lindamood

Larry Mangum

Gary Nichols

Well Worn Soles

Blues duo DieDra and Keith Ruff

Strangled Darlings

Dana Cooper

Brother Brother


Wyatt Espalin

Steve Gillette with Cindy Mangsen

Shelita Burke

The Currys

Nikki Talley

Carly Bak

Michael Jordan

Too Many Smiths

Kieth Rae

Lauren Heintz

Norm McDonald

Sarah Watts

Frank Julian

Mimi Hearn and Frank Graham

Friction Farm

Pierce Pettis


Jig to a Milestone

Marvin Lee

Matt Prater

The Sarah Mac Band

Buddy Mondlock

Clint Singleton

Nikki Talley

The Florida Music and Food Initiative

Slim Fatz

Brian Cairnes

The Obscure Brothers (Bob Patterson and Charley Simmons)

Elaine Mahon

Richard del Val

Lydia Smith

Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield

Granville Automatic

Cole Washburn

Grant Peeples

Mean Mary

Charlotte Moreau

Ellen Bukstel

Scott Wetter

John French

Katherine Archer

The Bridget Kelly Blues Band

Kristen Barkaloo

Frank Julian

Belmont and Jones


Michael Koppy

This Frontier Needs Heroes

Aerial Melvin and The Boys

Jackson Creek

Simple Folk (Paul and Kay Garfinkle with Al Scortino)

Alicia McGovern

Paul Kamm and Jonny Mojo of the Powerhouse band Achilles Wheel

Dana Cooper

Lucky Mud

Ken Skeens and Lee Goldsmith

Dan Gribbin

Beaucoup Blue

Leigh and Steve Humes

Charlie Groth with Linda Pottsberg

Pat C

The Gail Carson Trio, with Carly Bak and Carolyn Dunn

Amy and Joan Alderman

Andy Dubois

Kelly Hundley

Emmett Carlisle

The Tinkers

Ron Johnson

Brian Kennedy


Rebekah Pulley

Bob Patterson

Hananel and Friends

And many, many more.


Join us at Maggie's Musical Farm for Sunday afternoon concerts. Sit under the Ho-tangle Mud Hut and enjoy amazing singer/songwriter performances from our beautiful Pecky Cypress stage. 

Come and camp with us by making your reservations at

And lots more.

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