From the recording Tall Ships


You turn around, your friends are gone
But people come and people go
They pledge allegiance to the wind
And follow every breeze that blows
You tell your secrets in the night
Next day, they're all over town
It makes you empty down inside
You don't want anyone around
But I will give you some advice
When people do what people do
Get yourself a jug of wine
And shoot bottle rockets at the moon
Now, you can wail and you can moan
Question all you've ever done
Vow to live your life alone
Never trusting anyone
But when you open up your heart
You know that it might break
But in your heart there's wings to fly
It's just a chance you have to take
So you can hold your head up high
And know what I say is true
You might as well curse the rain
And shoot bottle rockets at the moon