1. Bad Girls 4:52

From the recording Tall Ships


Bad girls want babies
Just like everybody else
They don't know how to say it
So they keep it to themselves
Bad girls want lovers
Who will treat them like a girl
They're looking for someone
Who will rock their whole world
Bad girls want babies
Bad girls want houses
Just like everybody else
Someone to come home to
Someone who'll share themselves
Bad girls want families
Who'll forgive them their mistakes
Who know they act tough
To push everyone away
Bad girls want babies
Little girls want mothers
Who will brush back their hair
Who will kiss them and hold them
To show that they care
Some girls are lucky
They find out who they are
Bad girls are unlucky
'Cause they always go too far
Bad girls want babies
Everyone makes choices
That affect their whole lives
Bad girls make bad choices
And they really don't know why
Bad girls find trouble
Everywhere they go
When it comes to making choices
They always pick the wrong road
Bad girls want babies