From the recording The Tinkers (our Celtic Roots)


Chorus: Go...o to America they say
Where the gold lies in the waters
That rush down to the sea
Go...o to America they say
And when you've struck it rich
Then you can send for me

I am living in a land that I truly love
And the last thing that I want to do
Is leave old Ireland's shores
But the famine has run through our land
And struck my family
And I can see their hungry eyes
Look hopefully to me

The fields are ripe with grain
And the hills are full of sheep
But the greedy landlords own it all
So we have nothing to eat
They took away our land and they tore our houses down
And left us to handle fate and famine on our own
I am leaving all I love and my country far behind
To travel to another world and I don't know what I'll find
But I will send for you and I'll save my family
Far from hunger and tyrants .... we will be free