From the recording Tall Ships


There are people starving
In the world
Battered and bruised and beaten
Compared to that My life is like
Living in Eden
But here I sit
With a broken heart
And it feels like my world Just fell apart
I know it's silly
But it really hurts
Compared to the troubles
All over the world
But my heart is broken
And I'm gonna cry tonight
I've seen the pictures of war and disgrace
I know there's suffering
All over the place
But I feel like my world
Just fell apart
And here I sit
WIth my silly broken heart
You were the rainbow
That colored my world
You were my sunshine
And light
But here I sit
All alone in the dark
Feeling sorry for myself
But it's all right
There will always be suffering
Throughout the world
No matter how you look at it
It's not right
But I'm gonna sit here
With my broken heart
And cry my eyes out
All night