From the recording Tall Ships


Look at all the fine things
You call your own
It took you a lifetime
To gather it all
Now it's out rotting
In the hot, hot sun
Where you gonna go
When the waters come?
It's just the way you want it
And you know it's good
A house and a family
In a neighborhood
One minute, you're thinking
Just how sweet life can be
Next you're begging for mercy
On a stormy sea
It'll wash over money
It'll drown the poor
Cold, black water
Coming through the door
No place to hide
No place to run
Where you gonna go
When the waters come?
So, you can have the silver
You can take all the gold
I don't want nothing bigger
Than my heart can hold
Something light as a feather
From a snow-white dove
Something to cling to
When the waters come