From the recording Native

I wrote this song in the early 1980s, when all 'live' music played along the Gulf Coast was 'Buffett Music.' It was all anyone wanted to hear, so I would write 'Buffett' songs during the day to play that night in bars along the coast. This was my most requested Jimmy Buffett song, though he's never heard it. I hope I don't owe him royalties....


The poster in the window said
'Fly to the Islands
You can leave all your troubles behind'
It showed happy men and women
Just drinkin' and swimmin'
And I thought it'd get you off of my mind
So I bought a ticket, caught the very first plane
Flew right down to the islands
I didn't even think twice
Headed down to Paradise
Thought I'd have a good time
Forget all the pain
They say this is the most beautiful place In the world
With palm trees swaying
Over long-legged tropical girls
But I didn't see a thing
Except diminishing bottles of gin
I spent all three days
At the airport Holiday Inn
Why put a fool in Paradise?
It's only wasted on me
Sitting at a laminated bar watching TV
I might as well be back home
In my neighborhood bar
If I wanted to act like a fool
I didn't have to go this far
Why put a fool in Paradise?
It's only wasted on me
And it's such a shame
To waste Paradise on a fool