From the recording Lucky 13


I've got a thing about velvet
The way it feels against my skin
I got a thing about you -
hell...I got a thing about men
I like the way they look at me
With that twinkle in their eye
They make me feel like a Gypsy queen
Dancin' barefoot 'round the fire
I've got a thing about a rushin' stream
In the middle of the woods
Feel the water on my bare skin
So sweet and cool
CHORUS: Got a thing about you
You got a thing about me
We got a good thing goin'
Feels so wild and free
Got a thing about a stormy night
The rain dancin' on my skin
Powerful natural forces
My hair blowin' in the wind
Kinda' like a hurricane
Feels so out of control
Like a man with a ragin' fire
He's all heart and soul