1. Purple Hair

From the recording Feelin' Lucky


She has purple hair
He has dirty nails
He smells like diesel fuel
She comes from money
Their love's a mystery
To friends and family
But he doesn't really care
And she thinks it's funny

She went to MIT
He works offshore
They own a house
Outside of Corpus
They don't have kids
Don't go to church
They sleep in late
On Sunday morning

Entwined in their own world
Like braided hair
Wrapped in a lover's bed
Where nothing matters
She loves him
And he loves her
They whisper to themselves
Between the kisses

She sips a glass of wine
He drinks Corona
She sits behind the wheel
Of his old white van
He's resting in the back
They'll be home by sunrise
He strapped the Norton down
And went to sleep

His trophy's on the dash
Another week behind them
He loves to ride that bike
In the Texas wind
They'll be back to work
Come Monday morning
She turns the music up
And smiles
And drives her lover home