From the recording Feelin' Lucky


In the morning when I wake up, I walk along for hours

And I sing to the trees and I sing to the flowers

Feel the warmth of the sunshine as it rests upon my shoulders

And I'm living each moment as I am getting older

Refrain:  La, la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la x 2

See the birds on the wing as I walk along below them

Say good morning to the people I meet, though I don't know them

It's the joy in my life and blissful awakening

Every moment is a gift, no for granted should be taken


And the song that you sing, that's the way people hear you

And the smiles that you bring, that's the way people feel you

It's the joy and the laughter as it rests upon your shoulder

And no matter your age, you will never feel any older


Finish: In the morning in the sunshine, I walk along for hours

 And I sing to the trees and I sing to the flowers